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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A traveler wandering in the mountains has to have travel insurance to keep a person insured against all the unpleasant things. The travel insurance should be enough to cover injuries, illness, treatment, medicine, and emergency helicopter evacuation expenses. We also suggest you get insurance that can cover other costs like trip cancelation, loss of gear and goods, etc.


 Sabbatical Explore Nepal is a tour and trek operator Company located in Kathmandu, Nepal, working under Nepal Companies Act 2006. To act accordingly, Sabbatical Explore Nepal admits its every trip and booking reservations by considering specific company’s terms and conditions. The terms and conditions that govern all our tour operations are listed below in this article. They will be the evidence through which we as a company and you as a client will entertain mutual consent from the first stage of contract formation to the very end. 


As one of the parties, our utmost responsibility is to impart our terms and conditions to you clearly. Likewise, you should be well aware of the listed conditions and terms before entering into a contract with us. Then only we can come to a valid contract to have a hassle-less operation throughout. Thus, make sure you read all the conditions and terms carefully before we form an official agreement.


Moreover, we highly believe that all the parties involved in a contract should work for mutual benefit and help. In the case of emergencies and unprecedented times where terms and conditions may not be enough to settle things, both sides must sort things out rationally.

Note: The company(Sabbatical Explore Nepal) will not be liable for anything that these listed terms and conditions do not cover.           


1. Booking Confirmation

You’ll, obviously, reach us through an online booking of an itinerary or package or trek or tour. That will notify us about your desired plan, numbers of guests, preferred date, and other basic booking information. 


And, timely, we’ll entertain you with a confirmation email or call or message to tell you about the tour’s booking confirmation and availability. We will inform you of the exact information so that you can start another process. Once we accept your booking, we both enter into a valid contract formation. That is from where these terms and conditions become relevant.


Note: The Company, Sabbatical Explore Nepal, has legal authorization to alter or modify package prices before your booking. 


2. Deposit Requirement

For Nepal Trips

For booking a trip, you should make a certain deposit. If you are going on a Nepal trip, you will have to pay at least 15% of the trip’s cost before arriving in Nepal, which will be non-refundable. This non-refundable deposit will act as proof you are serious about joining an expedition. 


We need the advance deposit, i.e., 25%, to arrange never-sure things like hotel booking, flight ticket booking, permit costs, etc. It is necessary to book these things in advance if a trip has to be right on time. 


The remaining deposit, i.e., 75%, can be made after you arrive in Nepali until there is some time to your departure date. We at Sabbatical Explore Nepal provide safe and secure payment options to our clients. Cash, Bank Transfers, Credit Card, Visa Card, American Express, Mastercard are the options to make payments.


Note: Some of the handcrafted trips may require more advance deposits or total payments for booking confirmation.               


For Tibet, Bhutan, and Vietnam Trips

In Tibet, Bhutan, and Vietnam Trips, a full deposit is a must for confirmation. Also, you should make payment one month before the starting date of a trip.  


3. Payment Methods

As you have read above, a partial or full payment is required to confirm your reservation for a trip. You can pay your payment through methods like Visa Card, Master Card, AmEx Card, and Bank Transfer. 


However, while you pay for a trip, make sure you fill up all the information carefully. The company will not be responsible for any false payment. But the company has the right to cancel or terminate your booking without any notice if you fail to pay by the full payment deadline.   


Details for Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Bank: HIMALAYAN BANK LTD.
Swift Code: HIMANPKA
Beneficiary Account Number: 019 09552970022


4. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there can be unprecedented times and situations due to the things not in our hands. Even with our best efforts, we cannot avoid or postpone such times. During those times, cancellation is the only option left for both of the parties. Thus, you must be aware of the cancellation and refund policy of Sabbatical Explore Nepal.


Cancelation by the Clients

As you may know, we have to book several things like your accommodation, transportation and other services for your smooth tour experience. In the case of cancelation, we have to cancel all of the bookings as well. That is why we should charge cancelation charges to those who wish to cancel a trip. 


While you cancel a trip, you surely would want a refund. We do a refund, but that will not come free of cost. Depending on the trip and time, you’ll get a refund from 0% to 100% if you wish to cancel a trip. The 


Also, a client has to disclose a considerable reason for the termination of the trip via a written submission. The company will go through that to decide the trip cancelation conditions and charges.  


The clear refund policy and cancelation charges if the clients make cancelation are as below:

  • If you cancel the trip before 60 days or more than the departure date, you’ll get 100% of your advance payment.
  • If you cancel the trip before 45 days or more than the departure date, you’ll get 85% of your advance payment.    
  • If you cancel the trip 44 to 30 days before the departure date, you’ll get a 70% refund of your advance payment. 
  • If you cancel the trip 29 to 15 days before the departure date, you’ll get a 50% refund of your advance payment. 
  • If you cancel the trip less than a week before the departure date, you’ll get no refund. 

Note: No refunds to a client who leaves a trip voluntarily in-between a trip for whatsoever reasons. There will be no provisions for providing refunds of the unused services of the trek.  


Cancelation by the Company

We, Human Beings, have no control of anything other than ourselves. There can be times when everything goes right, and suddenly, we come across unexpected situations due to social, political, cultural, and natural factors. 


In such times, we, the company, have to terminate a plan either temporarily or permanently. It will be neither your fault nor ours. So we will refund you your only trip price.


Be sure that the company enjoys the right to cancel a trip anytime. Your security, safety, and well-being are over anything for us. However, in a guaranteed trip, you will either get a refund of your trip price or an alternative similar trip option to other feasible regions. We’ll talk more on this on the Trip Amendment in the following heading.        


(Please be advised that the company will not incur any cost or be responsible for any loss or expenses that have been caused by the result of trip cancelation and trip delay.)


5. Trip Amendment 

Unprecedented times are neither predictable nor stoppable. When such times arise during a trip, we, a tour organizer, are left with a few options. One of them and probably the best is the Trip Amendment. 


It is a process of making slight to heavy alterations in a trip in unforeseen situations. When circumstances like bad weather, political strikes, natural calamities, etc., happen in a region you are about to go to, we offer you a trip amendment option. It is your call to take it or not. You will get the trip’s price refunded otherwise.


But if you are so into doing travel, we’ll make amendments to the trip in a way that you’ll enjoy it thoroughly. Let’s say you are planning to do Everest Base Camp Trek, but now you can’t do it due to so-called unforeseen situations. Firstly, we’ll offer you alternative trip options in the same region like Gokyo Lakes Trekking, Everest Panorama Trek, etc. Switching to the same area will be easy to alter for us and cost-friendly to you.  


However, suppose you do not feel like doing it in the same region. In that case, we’ll even substitute it with other region treks like Annapurna Region’s Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Langtang Region’s Tamang Heritage Trek. Yet, switching a trip or trek to a different region is possible but a little tricky and costly. Various costs will incur during the process.


Nevertheless, if a client wishes to do a trip amendment by themselves, we will need writing with reasons. We will amend the trip as per the client’s need, but it will cost some extra.  


The cost of the trip amendment depends on the time frame that a client informs us about the alteration. If you reach us for such service before 21 days of the departure date of your trip, we will amend it with a charge of 100USD Per person. Similarly, the nearer the departure date you inform us, the more cost and hassle you’ll bear. So make sure to tell as soon as possible for any trip amendment.        

6. Travel Insurance

Nothing is certain in this world. It is even full of uncertainties when you are traveling in the land of the Himalayas. Our utmost concerns are the safety and security of our clients. Thus, we try to operate trips in the safest way possible. But even with our best try, we are never secure of unprecedented happenings. Especially in the mountains, anything can happen at any time. 


Thus, a traveler wandering in the mountains has to have travel insurance to keep a person insured against all the unpleasant things. The travel insurance should be enough to cover injuries, illness, treatment, medicine, and emergency helicopter evacuation expenses. We also suggest you get insurance that can cover other costs like trip cancelation, loss of gear and goods, etc.


The company will ask for valid travel insurance in need. If you cannot provide a valid one, the company has the right to terminate your participation in a trip at any time without any refund.       


7. Flight Delays

Flight Delays is not a new thing in the mountains. The weather and conditions can change in a matter of seconds up here. So a traveler should be prepared for possible flight delays. Make sure you have a flexible travel time over a tight schedule while traveling in Nepal.


In domestic flight delays, the company will bear the cost of accommodation and food before the trip starts. Due to the bad weather, the flight can get delayed for hours to days. As said earlier, the company will bear the basic food and accommodation expenses. Be informed that due to flight delays, there can be slight changes in a trip’s itinerary. 


However, if your return or home returning flights get delayed, a client has to incur the cost of food and accommodation. Also, the company will not be liable for any situation that has come up due to the departure flight delay. 


8. Visa and Passport

A valid passport and travel visa are a must when traveling with us. A client’s passport should be at least six months due to the expiry date. Also, you should get a visa for enough days to attend a trip. For Nepal, you can get visas on arrival at Kathmandu Airport. For Tibet and Bhutan, we will arrange visas for the countries from Nepal at your request. You should carry all the required documents for visas and other operations all the time.  


9. Injuries and Emergency Evacuation

Our company will not be responsible for any injuries, health conditions, and other unforeseen incidents a client faces on a trip. The trip’s costs do not cover the cost of any travel insurance, injury, and emergency evacuation. Thus, we suggest our clients have travel insurance that can cover all the unprecedented situations.    


10. Health Conditions

You should come to Nepal for mountain adventures only if your health conditions are okay. Please check your health situation by visiting a doctor before a trip. The circumstances in the Himalayas are pretty six challenging and demanding. Book a trip only if your doctor allows you to do so and you also feel comfortable and confident doing it. In case of any situation due to your conditions, the company will not be accountable.    


11. Renewing of Terms and Conditions

Sabbatical Explore Nepal reserves the right to renew or update these terms and conditions at any time. It’s the client’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions for any changes and amendments. Ultimately, these terms and conditions will work as a guide for any possible confusion, disagreement, and dispute. You can reach us for any of the terms and conditions.  


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