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Community Hiking

The best way to explore Nepal is by walking. The more you walk around Nepal, the more things you learn about it. 

Community hiking in Nepal is one of the ways to do so. As the name says, Community hiking is an outdoor activity of walking to new communities. Here on this type of outing, you get to do multiple things. 

Firstly, you traverse a new community of local people. Then you spend time around the area to learn more about places, people, food, culture, art, history, and architecture. The duration of the community hikes ranges from one to eight days. It depends on where you are going and how far you are going. You can choose the right plan for yourself. 

Unlike trekking, you do not have to walk for days on bumpy trails of a high region. The hiking plans are easy to perform and are for all age groups.  

Throughout a community exploration, you will experience many things directly and indirectly. And you never know what good thing you are getting to experience. That is one of the remarkable things about community hiking in Nepal. Thus Community hiking is a unique way to explore the diverse communities in Nepal. As you might know, Nepal is a diverse country in terms of religion, ethnicity, and culture. Some popular ethnicities are sherpas, Tamangs, Rais, Chhetris, Brahmins, Newars, and Lamas. There are Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians as well.

Each community in Nepal has some uniqueness. It means you can have numerous destinations for community hiking in Nepal. Our community hiking packages are especially for cultural explorers and lovers. However, anyone can be part of these tours. Who knows, you might love it!   

Some of our best-selling community hiking in Nepal plans are displayed below.   
8 Days
Horizon Hike Around Kathmandu

You’ll hike hills, you’ll explore places, you’ll meet people, and you’ll learn so many things that happen in and around...

3 Days
Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Village Hiking

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Village Hiking or Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking is a hiking trail located at a distance of only 30...

1 Days
Dhulikhel Panauti Hike via Namo Buddha

Dhulikhel Panauti Hike via Namo Buddha is an outstanding short trip around Kathmandu within one day. On this voyage, we...

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